round-dropdown-uk Why study In UK ?

The United Kingdom is an island country located on the northwestern coast of Europe; it has a historical advantage over any other countries around the globe. It is a country by its own right, consisting of four other countries. British culture has the presence worldwide, so anywhere in the world you go; you will find some touch of British culture within that particular country, thus making it one of the most flourished cultures around the globe. Studying in the UK puts you in a strategic advantage in terms of future opportunity, a UK visa gives you access to most of the commonwealth countries. Every year, more than 450,000 students across the globe choose the UK for their higher education. It has very highly developed educational system in all the stream, be it business, social science, engineering, health sciences, accounting, nursing, education, computer science and many another fields. Universities offer many different levels of study such as higher secondary, undergraduate, postgraduate, master coursework and research degrees. The universities are globally recognized and have been attracting large numbers of students from all countries. It has the reputation for providing quality education and excellent research and teaching facilities.

Post Study Options

It’s but obvious that you need to leave the country once completing your studies, but for some, they might be searching for different options to stay on in the UK and work.

Work while Studying

Based on the new immigration rules, Tier 4 students will be forced to leave the country once their program is finished. Tier 4 students are also banned from working while studying. Other migrant students at colleges can work up to 10 hours per week. From 12th November, Tier 4 students will also be restricted from extending their visas unless they have applied for studying in an institution with direct, formal link with a UK university. The time period of Tier 4 students can study will be reduced from 3 years to 2 years. Depending on your qualification, you can apply for different schemes.

Tier 2 (Post Study Work)

Students must apply for Post Study work, one month ahead of their student visa ends. This scheme works on the points system and once you score required points, then you will receive leave to stay and work in the UK. But during this visa, you can’t apply for permanent residency.

Work Permit Scheme

Under this scheme, an employer offers a genuine vacancy of the skilled job for you when there is a shortage of workers for the job. With this permit, you can stay in the UK for 5 years. After being in the UK for 5 years, you can also apply for permanent residency. A work permit is not transferable means they are specific to the employers who obtain them.

Training and Work Experience Scheme

Under this scheme, you can possess training and experience of a job in the UK, required for your further specialist or professional qualification. An employer who can satisfy this requirement can apply for the same.

Tier 5 (temporary worker) Visa

In order to apply for a temporary worker visa, you need to leave the country once. But if you are doing your post-graduation training or work experience based on your qualification then you can apply from within the country. In order to apply, you should have a licensed job offer from a licensed sponsor.

round-dropdown-uk Education In UK

There have been great changes in the educational system in the UK since 1988. The United Kingdom is considered to be home to some of the best universities in the world. The education system in the UK is divided into four parts: primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. Higher education in the UK is famous for its achievements in scientific research. Moreover, to raise the education standards, the government has introduced National Curriculum in the state schools of England and Wales which will be providing practical base education to the students of the primary and secondary level. Students in their last stage of compulsory schooling are encouraged to have exposure to the practical world as a part of their education. UK universities provide the wide range and flexible approach in their education system and a student is free to choose what he/she wants to study from a variety of courses as per their requirements and skills. UK universities offer thousands of courses ranging from science and technology, computing and business, art and design, social sciences, humanities and much more.

In the UK, an institution can use the title “University” or “university colleges” only if granted by the Privy Council. There are four fully fledged private universities in the UK,  which are the University of Buckingham, BPP University College, Regent’s University London and the University of Law while other universities are partly publicly funded and regulated by the government including regulating tuition fees, student funding and student loans and commission, research assessments and teaching reviews.


The UK is known for its world-class capability in advanced engineerings such as aerospace, automotive or any other field of engineering. The UK is renowned for aerospace engineering with the largest base of small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Most of the students in the UK choose to specialize in aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, marine or biomedical engineering. Studying engineering in the UK will give you unique opportunities to learn from professionals and make industry connections.

Business and Management

Studying business and management programs in the UK enables you to analyze how a business works, the complexity involved in running them and how to effectively manage the overall operations. Graduates in the UK will find themselves working in a variety of different positions with jobs ranging from consultancy and HR roles in careers based in finance and commerce. With many companies coming to the UK to do business, there are many opportunities for students to build networks and gain experience both during and after the study.

Information Technology

Nowadays, it has become impossible to imagine a day without information technologies and due to which during studies, students spend the majority of their time doing research work and experimenting promoting the development of computer sciences and launch high-tech projects. Classes in the UK are conducted using modern equipment and students also get the opportunity to do their internship in different corporate IT giant industries.

Art and Design

Studying Art and Design in the UK is like developing practical studio skills associated with becoming an artist alongside an exploration of the theoretical, historical and critical areas of the subject. Studio based work is the main attraction for all Art and Design courses which also includes painting, sculpture, installation, printing, photography and digital media. Universities also invite professional artists and critics to interact with students.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences course in the UK is designed to provide bio-psychological perspective on the nature and study of human behavior and health with an emphasis on the contemporary developments in the social and biological sciences. The different features of the course are human biology, long-term conditions, cellular and analytical biology, neurobiology, cognitive psychology and mental health.

round-dropdown-uk Life In UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain commonly known as the United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe. The UK has an area of 93,800 square miles, making it the 80th largest sovereign state in the world and the 11th largest in Europe.

The UK is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the state of the UK. Moreover, the UK has 3 different systems of laws: English law, Northern Ireland law, and Scots law.

When it comes to healthcare, public healthcare is provided to all the permanent residents and is mostly free. They are paid by means of your taxes. While the political and operational responsibility of healthcare lies with 4 national executives: healthcare in England is the responsibility of the UK government, healthcare in Northern Ireland is the responsibility of the Northern Ireland Executive, healthcare in Scotland is the responsibility of the Scottish Government, and healthcare in Wales is the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly Government. Each National Health Service has different policies and priorities.

The culture of the United Kingdom is influenced by many factors, but the majorly it’s influenced by the British culture. The majority of people in the UK follow Christianity. The UK is described as the cultural superpower while London is known as a world cultural capital.

round-dropdown-uk List of UK Universities

  • Aberystwyth University
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Arcadia University
  • Aston University
  • Bangor University
  • Bath Spa University
  • Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Birmingham City University
  • Bishop Grosseteste University
  • Bournemouth University
  • Buckinghamshire New University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Cardiff University
  • City University London
  • Conventry University
  • Cranfield University
  • Demont Fort University
  • Edge Hill University
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Falmouth University
  • Fordham University
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Girne American University Canterbury
  • Glyndwr University
  • Goldsmiths University of London
  • Harper Adams University
  • Keele University
  • Kingston University
  • Lancaster University
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • Liverpool Hope University
  • University of the Highlands and Islands
  • University of the West of England
  • University of the West of Scotland
  • University of Ulster
  • University of Wales Trinity Saint David – Carmarthen Campus
  • University of Wales
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Westminster
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • University of York
  • York St John University
  • University of Reading
  • University of South Wales
  • University of Southampton
  • University of St Andrews
  • University of St Mark & St John
  • University of Stirling
  • University of Suffolk
  • University of Sunderland
  • University of Surrey
  • University of Sussex
  • University of Huddersfield
  • University of Hull
  • University of Kent
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Leicester
  • University of Lincoln
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of London
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Portsmouth
  • London Metropolitan University
  • London South Bank University
  • Loughborough University
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Middlesex University
  • Newcastle University
  • Newman University
  • Norwich University of the Arts
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Pepperdine University UK Ltd
  • Plymouth University
  • Queen Margaret University
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Regent’s University London
  • Roehampton University
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Southampton Solent University
  • Southampton Solent University
  • St Mary’s University
  • St. Cloud State University
  • Swansea Metropolitan University of Wales Trinity St. David
  • Teesside University
  • The Robert Gordon University
  • The University of Bolton
  • The University of Buckingham
  • The University of Cambridge
  • The University of Law Limited
  • The University of Northampton
  • The University of Salford
  • The University Of Sheffield
  • The University of West London
  • The University of Winchester
  • The University of Worcester
  • University College Birmingham
  • University College London
  • University for the Creative Arts
  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Abertay Dundee
  • University of Bath
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bradford
  • University of Brighton International College
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Chester
  • University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • University of Chichester
  • University of Connecticut in London
  • University of Cumbria
  • University of Derby
  • University of Dundee
  • University of Durham
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of East London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Essex
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Gloucestershire
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Hertfordshire Higher Education Corporation

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