Success Travel Hub holiday packages offer you the most joyful experiences in India. Visit the lush valleys of Kashmir or float on the peaceful backwaters of Kerala. Climb up the majestic forts of Rajasthan or visit the beautiful monuments in West Bengal. Experience India’s cultural celebrations, the mega events, the grand festivals, visit the bustling markets and taste the authentic local cuisine. You will also meet the warmest people on our tours!

Domestic tours in India are designed for like minded passengers with buffet meals and Tour Managers.

The itineraries are carefully planned with a mix of essential sightseeing and activities. The hotels are normally first class hotels ranging in the 3 star categories. We also provide optional excursions which you can choose to enhance your experience. Please do check your selected itinerary for inclusions and exclusions.

If you want a tour that has a higher category of 4 star and 5 star hotels and which reflects your individual schedules, tastes and budget, we suggest that you try our India Individual tours.

North India Tour Packages

North India has the unique ability to keep the footprints of its past intact, while opening a door to the present. Whether you choose a Golden Triangle Tour or one of our Rajasthan tour packages, North India is packed full of culture, adventure, history and legend and is a great place for family travel. 
Those on the lookout for adventure can opt for a wildlife safari in Uttarakhand or a camel safari along the golden sand dunes. 
Nature buffs can take in the gigantic Himalayan snow-laden peaks which stand tall against the azure sky or the stark magnificence of the deserts of Rajasthan that contrast with the of climate of Kashmir, which, to quote the Mughal Emperor Babar, “If there is heaven on earth, this is it, this is it!” 
Lovers of the arts will be spoilt for choice with the Golden Quadrangle that showcases the marble poetry of the Taj Mahal, the legendary palaces of Rajasthan, the Pink City of Jaipur, the imposing Red Fort at Delhi to the rhythmic steps of the graceful Kathak dancers, the musical strains of the sitar and the resonant beats of the tabla.

South India Tour Packages

Famous for its incredible scenery, South India is well known for its brightly decorated temples, cultural monuments, Ayurvedic treatments and mouth-watering dishes. 
In this land of temple spires, the devout and the connoisseur of art both pay homage. Kerala tours, which include glittering beaches, lush hill stations, resplendent waterfalls and sprawling plantations and are amongst the most popular of family vacation options in all the South India tour packages. Besides the spice and surf of Kerala, highlights of South India include the Brahadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur constructed so that the shadow of its 81.3-ton monolithic cupola never falls on the ground or the Meenakshi temple at Madurai dedicated to the fish-eyed goddess. The Nizam’s splendours of Hyderabad; the garden city of Bangalore; sandalwood-scented Mysore. 
For the art-inclined, there is the stylised elegance of Bharata Natyam, the story-telling art of Kathakali and the martial-art grace of Kalaripayattu. If you are a history buff, you lose yourself in the strange and beautiful ruins of Hampi, inhale the scent of eucalyptus from the Nilgiri hill-stations of Ootacamund or Kodaikanal. Feast your eyes on Chinese fishing nets, or catch a glimpse of France in attractive Puducherry. Finally join the procession of gloriously bedecked elephants or celebrate the sun set and moon rise at the same time on a full moon evening at Kanyakumari – India’s Land’s End.

Visit West India – The Land That Offers Everything!

The land of Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Jnandev, Tukaram and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, West India, is rich in history and spirituality, diversity and culture. For the pilgrim there is much to encounter- the universal appeal of Sai Baba at Shirdi, whose immense spiritual stature continues to lure seekers of the truth. The temples of Dwarka are recently excavated from below the sea. (Legend has it that when dying, Lord Krishna asked his devotees to leave Swarnadwarika, so that the sea could engulf it). The Somnath temple, so sacred to the Hindus, has imposing architecture and is a beautiful sight facing the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea. The Portuguese style churches of Diu are not the only attraction to this serenely beautiful getaway with golden beaches, dense palm-groves and historical monuments. The Jain Mecca is the exquisitely carved Palithana temples- a miniature marble fantasy that inspire the 90-minute ascent! For the artist, the rock-cut Jain, Buddhist and Hindu temples at Ellora that co-exist side by side are a testimony to India’s multi-religious harmony. The horseshoe Ajanta caves draw the world to their 2000-year-old frescoes. For the wild life enthusiast, there’s the bird paradise of Gondal where great varieties of our feathered friends flock to the orchards and the river-shores. At the Sasan Gir Sanctuary, you can catch a glimpse of that rarest of rare species – the Asiatic Lion. Other wildlife includes bear, antelope, hyena, fox, the nilgai or black buck. The Muslim culture in the walled city of Ahmedabad, its heritage of crafts and the memories of the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi who spent his life here and in Rajkot are a living presence still.

Surprise After Surprise Awaits You in East India

The spiraling mists at Darjeeling and Sikkim rise upwards to reveal the Kanchenjunga in different aspects each new day. In like manner, one is enthused in a spirit of rediscovering the East. On one hand, there’s the vivacity in Kolkata – the land of Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray and Mother Teresa, presided over by the immense Victoria Memorial in white marble and on the other hand, there’s the golden triangle of temple towns: Bhubaneshwar – temple city of India, Puri – home of Lord Jagannath, and also a popular beach resort and Konark where you can join the spectacular Rath Yatra or gaze spell-bound at the stupendous Sun Temple of Konark rising amidst the sand dunes from the blue waters of the bay. Fall in love with orchid-bedecked Sikkim – the land that time forgot. See the Buddhist prayer flags fluttering in the breeze at the Buddhist Monasteries, such as Pemayangtse – an oasis of serenity and a repository of centuries-old wisdom and scriptures, surrounded by mountains and glaciers and passes, where time stands absolutely still. Sample the cheese in Kalimpong, a quaint bazaar town set in rolling foothills and deep valleys at the foot of the mighty Himalayas. Drink in Assam – as famous for its tea, as for its wildlife reserves – tigers at Manas and the one-horned rhinoceros at Kaziranga. Or holiday in Shillong, “the Scotland of the East” an ideal holiday resort through the year. Truly every day in East India is a new discovery.

Read The History of Central India from its Monuments

Welcome to Madhya Pradesh – this multi splendoured land for its rich heritage, legendary pilgrim centres, scenic beauty and wild life. The heartland of India known in ancient times as Malwa preserves as many as 1800 monuments that testify to the glory of its past. The Chandella’s world-renowned exquisitely carved temples at Khajuraho are a paean to life, love – unique in all the world, of all the multitude of figures in the friezes, the most famous are the mithuna couples – highly provocative sculptures of love and lust! Buddhist art has its finest relic in the unrivalled 2000-year-old Great Stupa of Sanchi with its exquisitely carved gateways or toranas, part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Take in the lake side capital city of Bhopal, with its refreshing gardens, imposing mosques and unfinished 11th century temple. The fabled city of Mandu, now a ghost town is grand by day and romantic by night, while the well-preserved Gwalior fort and palaces have their own dramatic and colorful history. Take a break from temples, Stupas and forts at the beautiful hill resort of Pachmarhi. Or marvel at the mile-long gleaming limestone cliffs – the framed marble rocks of Jabalpur. The verdant forests of this region, a unique and exciting panoroma of wildlife – a jeep safari or in “Project Tiger” wildlife reserves at the world famous Bandhavgarh and Kanha national parks.

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